How to Raycast from the Camera to Mouse Position

Learn to detect where and what the player clicked in your game.

Create Tags by Script in Unity

Tags are wonderful, and you want to set up several of them in an automatic way for your editor scripts. But how could this be achieved? There seems to be no reference to this API in the manual. It's a little odd but possible.

OnCollisionEnter vs OnTriggerEnter. What's the difference?

Are they any different? When to use which? Check it out...

Unity Tags vs Layers. When to use Which?

They are both used to classify your objects, but they have completely different uses. Learn about layers and tags and when to use which.

Should you always object pool in Unity?

Everybody has heard their share of horror stories for Instantiating objects during the Update loop, is this really a black and white situation? What are the drawbacks of pooling?

When to identify an object using tags as opposed to its name?

Learn when it's time to create and assign tags to your objects instead of just relying on their names.

Distinguishing between trigger colliders of the same object hierarchy

"How can I determine which Trigger has been hit?"
This is a common question that we answer here in two different ways giving you the pros and cons.

How to disable OnTriggerEnter() via script?

There are several ways to disable the OnTriggerEnter() method to be called. Learn what's the most appropriate one for your case in this article.

A Complete Guide to Fixing Collision Detection in Unity

OnTriggerEnter (OnCollisionEnter) not being called is a really frustrating and common situation. Learn about the most common reasons for this to happen and how to fix them.

How to play a sound upon collision in Unity even when the object is destroyed

Silence after an explosion or coin pickup is not exactly what we want, right?

How to procedurally generate a dungeon using the BSP method on Unity

You'll learn how to create a dungeon generator tool using a classic method from PCG and how to apply it in practice using Unity's tilemap system.

Procedural dungeon generation methods and the role of Unity on them

An overview of the most common methods of procedural dungeon generation and what's the role of Unity on that.

How to play an animation on key press on Unity 2018

Unity's animation system can be quite daunting. Learn how to get started with it playing an animation on a key press.

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