Top 7 Free Sound Effects Sites for Games that are also Free of Royalties

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Now the article for those with time...

The energy of a game on a big part comes from its sound design. Even without a professional sound designer in your team you can still bring a lot of life to your game with these effects already recorded and mixed available as stock. Check out our list of the 7 best sites to download sound effects for your games.


The most unknown from the list, has lots of chiptunes and cool retro effects.


Really varied quality. The keyword search is good.


More than 24,000 sfx or musical assets. You should be able to get something close to what you need on this website.


Several high-quality effects that YouTube provides to your creators.


O site é meio feio mas não se engane, você vai encontrar muitos tipos de efeitos sonoros interessantes e bem gravados aqui, inclusive eles fornecem samples e loops para você fazer uma música simplificada pro seu jogo.

This site is ugly but do not be fooled, here you'll find lots of different types of interesting and well-recorded sound effects, they even provide samples and loops so you can make a dynamic music for your game.


Assets here are really well curated, much better than the average of this kind of website. Only talented sound designers are able to post here. Separate in different packages, they can easily fulfill the needs of a game.


One of the biggest, if not the biggest, free sounds library. Although it has extreme variations in quality, use your ear with care. One other nice thing about this site is its advanced search system with filters by clip length and tags.

Caution when using these assets

Always remember to check the attribution model that the author has chosen.

In general, you should be careful and include a section (it cannot be hidden) in your game in which you credit the authors. If you don't you're possibly infringing the license which could become a problem if your game gains visibility.

Bonus Packs

And if the previous sites weren't enough here's a list of really complete packages for you to download it all at once.

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