Summer Punchball — Breakdown

A portfolio piece project, a curious ball balancing mechanic, proceduralism in level creation and texturing. Learn the story and the technical details behind the mobile f2p arcade game Summer Punchball.

"Don't just copy the artwork" they say. What does that mean?

If we're not copying, what are we doing, then? Understand this very important concept in art education of studying vs copying.

World vs Local Space. Why do we need them both?

What is a world space? A local space? Why do we need more than one coordinate space? What is a coordinates space to begin with? Keep reading to learn about all these things.

6+2 Games to get started in Unity—the 3D way

"Any suggestion of 3D game projects?", that's a really common question. And if you already asked this, in public or to yourself, you're in for a treat.

Essential books for the hard-core game programmer

Our review of the books we consider essential for those who want to start their journey to mastery of game programming.

Top 7 Free Sound Effects Sites for Games that are also Free of Royalties

Our list of the 7 best sites to download sound effects for free of charge and royalties.

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