How to place tiles on Unity by script?

How can I set and remove a tile on a tilemap on Unity using a C# script?

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Blademaster Answer

TLDR; use the SetTile method. Passing a null as the tile parameter will remove the tile from the map.

To do that you need a reference of the tilemap you want to control on your C# script. You also will typically need a tile reference. Then, call the method SetTile passing the position on the grid and a tile.

public class MapController : MonoBehaviour {

    public Tilemap map;
    public Tile tile;

    // note that i and j are cell positions
    // the bottom left is the origin (0, 0)
    void ChangeMap(int i, int j) {
        map.SetTile(new Vector3Int(i, j, 0), tile);


Some other pretty useful methods are:

  • WorldToCell: converts a world position to a cell position (Vector3Int).
  • BoxFill: an optimized version of SetTile, use it whenever you can.
  • FloodFill: does a flood fill. A flood fill is the algorithm behind bucket tools of lots of painting software. See more at wikipedia.
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